Thiago Jacaré: the Brazilian suffered one of the worst beating ever at Nazaré

Thiago Jacaré barely survived a multiple wave hold-down in Praia do Norte, Nazaré.

On December 14, the Brazilian big wave surfer took on the first wave of a set but was caught by the giant whitewater that was rolling behind him. The liquid wall shoved him off his board.

And that was just the beginning of a nightmare. The experience Jacaré was about to undergo will stay in his memory forever.

After resurfacing, the 35-year-old surfer took four giant steamrollers on the head in one of the worst beatings of the season in Nazaré.

Two jet ski drivers eventually found Thiago Jacaré and brought him back to the beach, where paramedics provided medical assistance.

"It was definitely the worst wipeout of my entire life. I barely had time to breathe between waves. When I got to the beach, I was completely exhausted, and I couldn't even move."

Jacaré had been down underwater between 10 and 20 seconds per wave and nearly drowned. Fortunately, he had a team ready to pick him up when needed.

"I want to thank Sebastian Steudtner for the rescue, David Langer for towing me into that one, and the firefighters of Nazaré because they're very well prepared to act in these situations."

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