Post-surf: sometimes we end up with two surfboards

When you've caught all the waves and your surf session ends, there are a few things you should do to take care of yourself and your surf gear.

You're surfed out. Exhausted, yet happy and relaxed. Another surf session was successfully completed. It's time to get out of your wetsuit and hit the road.

Unfortunately, surfers tend to forget important post-surf routines. They might seem like mere details, but they'll definitely impact your next day out.

So, what should we do after a pleasant surf session?

1. Dry Your Ears

Make sure to drain any traces of salted water. You don't want to develop a Surfer's Ear.

Learn a few prevention and protection tips.

2. Stretch After Surf

It is very important to stretch your hamstrings, shoulders, and spine after paddling for waves.

Halt the effects of lactic acid production by releasing muscle tension. Surf training will improve your surfing.

3. Eat Proteins

restore the energy levels in your body by eating turkey, fish, cheese, lean beef, eggs, or yogurts between 30 and 60 minutes after surfing.

You'll be building muscles with proper surf food.

4. Drink Water, Not Beer

Yes, it's hard to avoid a cold beer after a perfect summer surfing day, but at least have a large bottle of still mineral water before the golden trophy.

5. Check If Your Car Keys Are Safe

Many surfers undress their wetsuits right after reaching the shore.

Many car keys are lost at that moment, so reach them as soon as possible. Get a simple waterproof dry bag.

6. Get Your Surfboard a Fresh Water Shower

Saltwater can be corrosive to a surfboard, so rinsing it with fresh water is always good advice.

7. Dry Your Surfboard

Never get your surfboard in the bag without drying it with a towel.

8. Remove Old Wax

Removing wax that has been on your surfboard for more than a decade is a wise thing to do.

Old wax loses its gripping properties and makes your surfboard heavier. Re-wax.

9. Check If Your Board Needs a Ding Repair

water is the worst enemy of unprotected surfboard foam.

Make sure you get a good ding repair kit to seal those small cracks on your favorite stick.

10. Rinse Your Wetsuit with Fresh Water

And always remember to dry it in the shade.

Need help? Learn how to clean your wetsuit to make it last longer;

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