Thousands of big wave surfing fans flock to Nazaré

February 3, 2014 | Surfing
Andrew Cotton: chasing a world record in Nazare | Photo: Billabong XXL/Jeff Flindt

Thousands of people watched Garrett McNamara chasing the moving giants at Praia do Norte, Nazaré. From the cliffs up above, spectators saw some of the biggest waves that Storm Brigid brought to Europe.

It was announced as the sequel of the "Black Swell". The energy revealed by Storm Brigid was not as powerful, but it sure came with the right angle.

Garrett McNamara and Portuguese big wave contingent knew that wind conditions would not help their cause. However, swell data proved it would be worth it. At 8am, he was already in the water with Andrew Cotton, Lyndon Wake, Jayce Robinson and Hugo Vau.

Despite the choppy conditions, the Hawaiian managed to score a couple of bombs. Waves at Nazaré move fast, so the major difficulty is to get enough drive and complete the ride.

In one of his best waves of the day, the 46-year old surfer can be seen trying to get down the face of the wave in bumpy waters, with his newly shaped Mercedes-Benz surfboard. The waves also seem a bit fat.

"Waves weren't breaking in the right place. Thanks to everyone who came to see the waves today! Next time with better conditions we will ride more waves! Love you all," revealed Garrett.

British big wave surfer Andrew Cotton has been surfing Praia do Norte for a long time, too. The knowledge of the spot earned himself another entry for the Billabong XXL Awards.

"Nazare was very big, scary and dangerous today. Only a couple of waves were caught. Thanks a million for putting me perfectly in the spot again Garrett McNamara, you're a inspiration to me and Hugo Vau for safety cover and all the team at Nazare who make it possible", added Cotton.

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