Tia Blanco: an explosive surfer | Photo: Masurel/WSL

Tia Blanco has been featured in Playboy's "Becoming Attraction."

Female surfers are beginning to show their natural curves more than ever.

Alana Blanchard found a niche as a surfing model, but she only opened the way to many other girls, such as Anastasia Ashley, Malia Manuel, Alessa Quizon, etc.

Tiarah Lue Blanco was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Southern California. The vegan surfer is currently living in Hawaii.

Her surfing skills speak for themselves, but now she has decided to leap into the magazine world.

"My first encounter with Playboy was probably seeing the magazines in the stores," explained Tia Blanco,

"My mom and I would watch the TV series 'The Girls Next Door,' and I would always see Holly and Kendra and think they were so pretty. To me, it means fun, bikinis, and colors."

"Becoming Attraction" defined Tia as a surfer with "swift abilities on the world's toughest swells," which "made the exotic beach babe a breakout star."

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