Tiago Pires wins 2012 Rip Curl Capitulo Perfeito

March 26, 2012 | Surfing
Tiago Pires: life inside Supertubos

Tiago Pires has conquered the inaugural Rip Curl Capitulo Perfeito, in Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal. The only Portuguese surfer in the ASP World Tour defeated Ivo Cação in the final heat.

Supertubos was the perfect venue for this type of event. Spectators out in the sand saw the best tube riders enjoying two-metre wave barrels and offshore winds that only Peniche can pump.

"We had very good wave. It's a one day event, so you got to be lucky to get a full day of great waves. The ocean was in top form from the first to the last round and we could put out a show", said winner Tiago Pires, who scored a 10-point ride.

Despite having a fractured wrist, Ivo Cação managed to surf incredible waves and got to the final against Pires.

"With this arm, it's harder to stand-up and duck dive. I almost had to swim out to the line-up. I've never competed against Tiago so I was very motivated. After he got that 10, I wanted to answer and surfed an excellent wave", said Ivo Cação.

The Rip Curl Capitulo Perfeito - meaning Rip Curl Perfect Chapter - will be back in 2013. The mayor of Peniche, António José Correia, has promised to keep the wave barrel event in the glorious beach of Supertubos.

All surfers of the Rip Curl Capitulo Perfeito were chosen online by surf fans.