Timothée Bisso wins 2019 Cabreiroá Las Americas Pro Tenerife

February 11, 2019 | Surfing
Timothée Bisso

Timothée Bisso has taken out the Cabreiroá Las Americas Pro Tenerife, a Qualifying Series (QS) 1,500 event held in the Canary Islands.

The 21-year-old surfer from Guadeloupe beat fellow countryman Paul Cesar Distinguin in two-to-three foot inconsistent surf at Las Americas.

Bisso was building momentum all event long, and while he had a couple of close calls, he dominated his final rounds to claim the first contest of his career.

"I had a couple of close calls earlier in the event, but today I just made no mistakes, so I'm super happy to finally win my first event!" stated Bisso.

"I've trained a lot with my coach Zé Seabra on all the different situations and tactics and today I just felt like I was ready to win."

"I moved to Portugal recently, and there are so many great waves to train, plus my coach lives there, so it's perfect."

On the women's side, local star Daniela Boldini dominated the competition and won the final against Canales Bilbao in front of her home crowd.

"My coach Nacho Sebastia helped me a lot with my confidence and told me where to position myself in the lineup," said Boldini.

"It ended up being one of the contests where I have been less nervous because I believed in my abilities and surfing. I hope to achieve even bigger results during the season."

2019 Cabreiroá Las Americas Pro Tenerife | Finals

1. Timothee Bisso (FRA) 15.10
2. Paul Cesar Distinguin (FRA) 12.83

1. Daniela Boldini (CNY) 9.50
2. Leticia Canales Bilbao (EUK) 8.00

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