Mavericks: a heavy pit | Photo: Shalom Jacobovitz

The waiting period for the inaugural Titans of Mavericks runs between January 1st and March 31st. When the green light is lit, 24 surfing titans will defy the iconic big wave break located at Half Moon Bay, California.

The one-day competition will crown a legend for the history books. Surviving huge wipeouts, cold water, and a shark-infested line-up is not a challenge for the average surfer.

But the Titans of Mavericks 2015 is more than a life-risking action sports contest. There will be live music, food, workshops, and social events.

Spectators will have the opportunity to watch riders defying their own fate in safe viewing spots and near high-quality screens.

The 24 Titans of Mavericks were chosen by Committee 5, a panel of prestigious big wave experts.

The governing body of Mavericks includes Jeff Clark, Darryl "Flea" Virostko, Matt Ambrose, Shawn Rhode, and Ion Banner. No European athletes have been invited.

The group will decide when the event is called on, the rules, and who's in.

Among other criteria, a Mavericks competitor must have shown dedication to the break, be in peak physical condition, prove to be an accomplished big wave surfer and waterman and promote ocean conservation.

The judges of the Titans of Mavericks 2015 are Steve Coletta (head judge), Noah Johnson, Brock Little, Richard Schmidt, Dick Keating, and Osh Bartlett.

Mavericks has already claimed two notable surfing lives - Mark Foo and Sion Milosky. Fear is the only constant at the big wave break located off the coast of Pillar Point. Are the Titans ready?

Titans of Mavericks | 24 Surfers

Shawn Dollar - Santa Cruz, CA
Ken Collins - Santa Cruz, CA
Mark Healey - Haleiwa, HI
Shane Dorian - Kona, HI
Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Durban, South Africa
Greg Long - San Clemente, CA
Anthony Tashnick - Santa Cruz, CA
Chris Bertish - Cape Town, South Africa
Alex Martins - Recife, Brasil
Colin Dwyer - Pacifica, CA
Dave Wassel - Kailua, HI
Grant Washburn - San Francisco, CA
Carlos Burle - Recife, Brasil
Kohl Christensen - Haleiwa, HI
Nathan Fletcher - San Clemente, CA
Nic Lamb - Santa Cruz, CA
Ryan Augenstein - Santa Cruz, CA
Ryan Seelbach - San Francisco, CA
Shane Desmond - Santa Cruz, CA
Tyler Fox - Aptos, CA
Zach Wormhoudt - Santa Cruz, CA
Jamie Sterling - Sunset Beach, HI
Jamie Mitchell - Currumbin, Australia
Wildcard (TBA)

Titans of Mavericks | 5 Alternates

Derek Dunfee - La Jolla, CA
Rusty Long - San Clemente, CA
Ben Wilkinson - Narabeen, New South Wales
Travis Payne - Pacifica, CA

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