Mavericks: steep drops in cold water | Photo: Jacobovs

The Titans of Mavericks will be challenging the iconic big wave surf spot located two miles from shore outside Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, Northern California.

Mavericks may be out of the Big Wave World Tour, but that doesn't mean the peak isn't pumping some of the heaviest and deadliest wave faces on Planet Earth.

The brand has been revamped, and Cartel Management invited 56 titans for the initial battles in the big wave arena.

Therefore, the cold water spot will feature names like Carlos Burle, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Greg Long, Ian Walsh, Kelly Slater, Ken Collins, and Shane Dorian.

The Titans of Mavericks is a contest/event and festival held each year when the North Pacific Ocean creates the biggest possible swell.

The insignia replaces the Mavericks Invitational and is controlled by Cartel Management.

It is still not clear when the event will take place, and how the Titans of Mavericks will get ASP World Tour surfers competing in Half Moon Bay on a non-Big Wave World Tour stage. Apparently

the contest window officially opens from January 1st through March 31st each year. Details are to be confirmed.

Nevertheless, Titans of Mavericks has unveiled the list of surfers invited for the first round. They are:

Aaron Gold
Aaron Ungerleider
Alex Gray
Alex Martins
Andrew Marr
Anthony Tashnick
Ben Andrews
Ben Wilkinson
Billy Kemper
Carlos Burle
Chris Bertish
Colin Dwyer
Danilo Couto
Dave Wassel
Derek Dunfee
Frank Solomon
Gabriel Villaran
Grant "Twiggy" Baker
Grant Washburn
Greg Long
Ian Walsh
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Sterling
Jeff Rowley
Joao de Macedo
John John Florence
Josh Loya
Josh RedmanKealli Mamala
Kelly Slater
Ken Collins
Kohl Christensen
Makua Rothman
Mark Healey
Mark Mathews
Michael Joshua
Mike Schlebach
Nathan Fletcher
Nic Lamb
Patrick Shaughnessy
Ramon Navarro
Russell SmithRusty Long
Ryan Augenstein
Ryan Seelbach
Sarah Gerhardt
Savanah Shauhgnessy
Shane Desmond
Shane Dorian
Shawn Dollar
Tim West
Travis Payne
Tyler Fox
Tyler Smith
Wyatt Fields
Zach Wormhoudt

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