The sea: the only reason we have been given a chance to live | Photo: Shutterstock

The sea is contemplation, joy, inspiration, and the only reason we have been given a chance to live.

It can be as violent and destructive as anything in Nature, but it can also be gentle, serene, kind, and generous.

Some people spend their whole lives without being able to be touched and positively influenced by the sea.

Some never wanted to; others never had the opportunity to see and feel it.

One of the greatest things about philosophy is that you can pick a single random word and then think about it or start a conversation with your friends about a similar topic or idea.

Semantics is also interesting.

Although it fundamentally tells us more about the logic and meaning of the words, it also allows and incorporates changes to their natural and original significance.

But what happens when you add such a magical and rather mystic natural creation as the sea into the mix?

Experimentation is the mother of evolution and creativity.

So, as a confessed thalassophile, I wondered how I could ever transform the noun "sea" into a verb. What would it mean to me?

I gave it a try.

And what about you, dear ocean lover? "To sea": what does it mean to you, and how would you use it to express anything?

Benagil: a natural sea cave in Portugal | Photo: Shutterstock

"To Sea" (June 2021)

I sea
You sea
He/She/It seas
We sea
They sea

To sea,
A verb that resonates in me.

Oh, my sea,
A liquid desert with no mercy,
That rules our world and grows no tree.

If I could walk on your water, you see
There would be no beauty in Hawaii.

To sea is to be,
To escape, morph and flee.
If you ever run away from me,
I will feel like a retiree.

My sea is sleepless to a degree
Only comparable to a worker bee.

I sea you always fresh and lively
Like a Colorado blue spruce tree.

You sea me when I'm lonely
And help overcome my melancholy.

We sea each other,
In the place where my land loses its ground
And your water makes a rumbling sound.

When all this is over,
They will sea,
How much you meant to me.

Words by Luís MP | Founder of

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