Todos Santos Big Wave Event is ready for action in Mexico

January 27, 2010 | Surfing

Todos Santos Big Wave Event

This is a unique surfing competition that will only be held in big surf with waves exceeding 30 foot face. This event is a Paddle-in competition (no tow in) where huge waves will only be faced with raw human force and pure athletic and mental ability!

Surfers from around the world will compete in this 1 day event and will be judged on the size of the waves they surf with a simple reference point: “Risks equals rewards”.

Surfers will compete for the Todos Big Wave Champion title as well as a minimum prize-money of $10,000. All the best big waves riders will be looking forward for the event as another occasion to push themselves and establish their dominance. The prize money is a reward to their dedication and courage while it allows them to live simply of their passion for riding big waves.

Extra incentive for the surfers are points going toward the newly created Big Wave World Tour which will crown a Big Wave World Champion in April 2010 based on the results all international big wave events held during the season.

The Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos in Chile and the Billabong Pico Alto Invitacional in Peru during spring 2009 were the 2 first events of the tour. Todos Santos along with the Mavericks Surf Contest and the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau are the 3 remaining events for the season. Those events share a common waiting period but won’t be run on the same days to allow top surfers to participate to all events.

Safety is of course a major concern for a big wave event. This event will have the support of top notch water safety team to insure surfers’ safety during the event with personal water craft (pwc) assist.


- Greg Long (California)

- Peter Mel (California)

- Carlos Burle (Brazil)

- Kelly Slater (Florida)

- Grant “Twiggy” Baker (South Africa)

- Taylor Knox (California)

- Coco Nogales (Mexico)

- Shane Dorian (Hawaii)

- Ramon Navarro (Chile)

- David Rutherford (Mexico)

- Oscar Moncada (Mexico)

- Gabriel Villaran (Peru)

- Garrett McNamarra (Hawaii)

- Mike Parsons (California)

- Nathan Fletcher (California)

- Rusty Long (California)

- Evan Slater (California)

- Mark Healey (Hawaii)

- Jaimie Sterling (Hawaii)

- Danilo Couto (Brazil)

- Chris Bertish (South Africa)

- Ryan Seelbach (California)

- Andrew Marr (South Africa)

- Dave Wassel (Hawaii)

Alternates include:

- Will Dillon (Mexico/USA)

- Kohl Christensen (Hawaii)

- Derek Dunfee (California)

- Ken “Skindog” Collins (California)

- Jaimie Mitchell (Australia)

- Grant Washburn (California)

- Kealii Mamala (Hawaii)

- Tj Saeman (California)

- Garth Englehorn (California)

- Rafael Velarde (Peru)

- James Taylor (South Africa)

- Anthony Tashnick (Califronia)

- Mike Schelbach (South Africa)

- Tyler Smith (California)

- Diego Medina (Chile)

- Will Skudin (California)

- Bryce Saeman (California)

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