Toll road threatens the waves of Trestles

June 20, 2013 | Surfing
Trestles: reject the toll road, support surfing

Stop the toll road that will kill the surfing sanctuary of Trestles, in California. Tension is in the air, as hundreds of surfers and friends of San Onofre State Beach unite to protest.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board will decide if the proposed toll road extension, near the world-famous surf spot of Trestles, will go ahead or will be suspended.

The Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency wants to build a 5.5 mile extension of the 241 toll road into San Juan Capistrano.

"We thought it was dead in 2008 when the coastal commission rejected the road but now the agency is trying to bring the road back by building it in pieces. It's illegal, it's wrong", says Damon Nagami of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

"If the first section of road is built, the 'dominos' will fall and the rest of the road will be built down to San Onofre/Trestles", adds the Surfrider Foundation.

More cars will mean more pollution in the local waters, too. In 2008, the California Coastal Commission had already decided to suspend the toll road.

Join the Surfrider protests and help saving Trestles and its precious waves. There are more than 330,000 surfers enjoying the rides of Trestles, every year.