Tom Butler and Sebastian Steudtner want the biggest waves in Europe

June 17, 2013 | Surfing
Sebastian Steudtner: heavy and cold forces behind

Tom Butler and Sebastian Steudtner had a busy winter chasing huge swells around Europe.

When they're not surfing, Butler and Steudtner never stop training and getting fit for the next big wave surfing session. Road cycling is a big part of their training program as is boxing.

In the beginning of the year, two huge swells invaded the Atlantic. On the 13th January, Shane Dorian pushed the both European surfers to paddle into the biggest waves to date in the Old Continent. Praia do Norte, Nazare. Big time.

Recovering from a bronchitis infection on his lung, Sebastian Steudtner kept Tom and the rest of the riders safe, making critical rescues on the jet ski.

Later, the team traveled straight into the freezing cold water of Ireland for the mental challenge that is Mullaghmore Head. Sebastian surfed a draining 20-foot tube ride for the entire length of the reef, only to get eaten when he was coming out.

Tom Butler and Sebastian Steudtner are already planning the 2013/2014 big wave surfing season in Europe. They want more. The goal is to score the biggest wave ever and to write their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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