Tom Carroll: open and honest

The long-awaited autobiography of Tom Carroll, one of Australia's surfing legends, reveals the ups and downs of the pro surfer from Sydney.

Thomas Victor Carroll was born on the 26th November, 1961, in Newport, New South Wales, Australia. The life story of the two-time world surfing champion has many juicy details.

He is the first surfer to secure a million dollar contract with Quiksilver. He won 26 world tour stages, three Pipeline Masters trophies and two world titles, in 1983 and 1984.

"TC", written by Tom and Nick Carroll, shows us the dreamer, surfer, big wave rider, hero, fitness fanatic, businessman, family man, and big wave charger that is the talented goofy-footer.

When he tried to "connect" with his world, he found himself trapped in drugs and addiction. Cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and methamphetamines almost killed him.

Tom's family and friends struggled with him, kept his secrets, and looked on in anger and fear as the wheel began to grind him down. Then a window opened – but getting through it made charging Pipeline look like a piece of cake

"TC" is a compulsory read for all surfers.

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