Tom Carroll steals the Pipeline ASP Heritage Series clash

December 15, 2014 | Surfing
Tom Carroll: wearing the classic helmet | Photo: ASP/Laurent Masurel

Tom Carroll conquered the third and final 2014 ASP Heritage Series event, in pumping double overhead barrels, at Banzai Pipeline.

Carroll, Gary Elkerton, Derek Ho and Sunny Garcia celebrated the history of professional surfing by taking to the water and challenging themselves in the fast tubes of Hawaii's most popular surf break.

The two-time ASP world champion (1983, 1984) was able to exit two big-pitted barrels, including a near-perfect 9.60 for a deep drop into the largest wave of the heat, to secure the victory over his opponents.

"2011 was the last time I surfed here and before that it was probably eight years ago. It's kind of like an old friend; it's pretty nice to go out there again," revealed Carroll.

"Just looking down the wave I thought 'this is a gem, this wave' - it's just such a great place to be. The other guys out there are guys I've surfed with for a long, long time. It's just a great feeling to be out there and to be surfing with them."

Tom Carrol used his classic cool helmet. The 53-year-old surfer from Newport, New South Wales, won the Pipe Masters three times (1987, 1990 and 1991).

2014 ASP Heritage Series | Pipeline

1. Tom Carroll, 14.77
2. Sunny Garcia, 8.34
3. Derek Ho, 7.00
4. Gary Elkerton, 2.67