Tom Cloarec and Johanne Defay triumph at Côte Sauvage

July 8, 2013 | Surfing
Johanne Defay: attacking the lip

Tom Cloarec and Johanne Defay have stolen the Soöruz Pro Junior Royan Atlantique 2013, at Côte Sauvage, France.

The first event of the 2013 ASP European Junior Series saw a fading 2-3 foot swell and strong offshore winds setting the stage for the final day.

Cloarec's first ever victory in a Pro Junior event came when the powerful goofy-footer opened his wave account with two high-sixes scores.

Later, he would be stuck in second place until he found a long peeling righthander which he destroyed on his backhand with vertical turns in the power sections of the wave to earn a 7.77 and lead the rest of the heat.

"I'm so stoked! It was a great final between Frenchies we all know each other but it was a little bit tense. I managed to find a good little right and got that 7", said Tom Cloarec.

In the Women's final Johanne Defay, 19, got the better of a thrilling exchange with her good friend and fellow Reunion Island surfer Cannelle Bulard.

Defay opened fire first with a 7.2 on a good little right with two big turns to which Bulard responded with an excellent 9.23 on a similar wave but squeezing a third manoeuver in.

Her back against the ropes, Defay found the energy to keep fighting and started on a bigger wave that let her hit harder and she earned an 8.83 to take the lead.

"We've been on a break for a long while and in training you can have doubtful moments about your preparation and the whole meaning of sacrifices you got to make to be on top so finally to have it pay off like this I'm over the moon", adds Johanne Defay.

Soöruz Pro Junior Royan Atlantique 2013 | Men's Final

1. Tom Cloarec (FRA) 14.64
2. Andy Criere (FRA) 14.33
3. William Aliotti (FRA) 11.87
4. Nomme Mignot (FRA) 10.44

Soöruz Pro Junior Royan Atlantique 2013 | Women's Final

1. Johanne Defay (FRA) 15.83
2. Cannelle Bulard (REU) 14.27
3. Leticia Canales Bilbao (EUK) 7.93
4. Carina Duarte (PRT) 4.84