Tom Curren confirmed in 2011 ISA World Masters

October 12, 2011 | Surfing
Tom Curren: too shy with photographers

Tom Curren has been confirmed in the 2011 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, in El Salvador, from 16th-23rd October, at the perfect, hollow point-break of Punta Roca.

Curren is one of the most influential surfers in the sport’s history and will be defending the United States' colors in South America.

The 1985, 1986 and 1990 World Champion will be battling at the largest team event for 35+ year-old surfers. Curren will certainly be one of the United States’ standouts for the team’s debut in this yearly event.

From his NSSA national victories in the late 70s to the maiden 1980 ISA Junior World Title in France, then the fame from his professional tour victories, his world titles and the free surfing years, when he searched for perfect empty waves in remote locations, Curren, now 47, has seen it all.

The best surfer of all time, ten-time World Champion Kelly Slater, has acknowledged that Tom Curren was always his favorite surfer. A perfect mixture of flow, timing and power make his surfing especially unique.

As renowned surfing writer Matt Warshaw wrote, “Curren’s reputation as one of the world’s greatest surfers in history is supported by his accomplishments as a competitor. But most surfers would define Curren as an artist, then as a world champion”.

As Curren travels to Punta Roca, it is interesting to note that this wave is considered the Jeffreys Bay of Latin America. The real Jeffreys Bay, in South Africa, was the scene of one of surfing’s most memorable and anticipated surf sessions.

After years of abstaining from surfing Jeffreys Bay as a protest against apartheid, in May of 1992 the three-time World Champion decided to pay a visit to what’s considered the ultimate point-break.

It was as if they had known each other forever - Curren’s surfing suited the wave perfectly and he put on one of the greatest displays of surfing ever witnessed by the surfing world.

In less than ten days, Curren will relive those good times in the Latin American version of the wave he loves so much.

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