Tom Morey's new Rollo: this man is a genius

Tom Morey, the inventor of bodyboarding, has announced plans for the new "Morey Rollo," a rolling skeg that may revolutionize the future of surfboards, kiteboards, wakeboards, and sailboards.

The light rubberized foam wheels are less dangerous and thicker than skegs and could better manage the flow of surf rides.

The "Morey Rollo" might be perfect for stand-up paddleboards as it works like a flywheel.

The "Rollo" designs will evolve into solar-powered motorized units.

The new technology developed by Tom Morey will not be patented and will become part of the public domain.

"They could be made from any number of other materials, sized and shaped in innumerable ways. Right now, we're simply getting the idea started," explains Matt Morey, the brand's test rider.

"This is one of those great ideas that come along only so often. It's way too big for any one person or firm," adds Morey.

You're more than welcome to run with it; help it along. I'm simply a tiny beach on which this wave from the Sea of Creation first rolled in.

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