Travis Reynolds: he was one of the eight shaper who tried to replicate boards by Marc Andreini | Photo:

Travis Reynolds has taken out the 2018 Icons of Foam Tournament of Champions Shape-off, in Del Mar, California.

The competition was held during the Boardroom International Surfboard Show which attracted 6321 visitors.

The surfboard shaper from Santa Cruz overcame five craftsmen and former champions, and two wildcards shapers - Rex Marechal, Ricky Carroll, Wayne Rich, Stu Kenson, Roger Hinds, Matt Calvani, and Bill Barnfield.

The shape-off goal was to attempt to replicate a series of surfboards designed by Icon of Foam honoree Marc Andreini.

"I'm blown away. It means a lot to compete against these fine shapers, and to have my family here, it's incredible. I've been thinking about our friend Chris Lundy who passed away recently. I dedicate this victory to Chris," said Travis Reynolds.

This year's format consisted of man-on-man heats with single eliminations. Round 1 saw the competitors replicate a Marc Andreini, Michael Peterson-inspired design.

Round 2, shapers had to replicate an Andreini Vaquero, and the final heat pitted Wayne Rich vs. Travis Reynolds as they each shaped an 11' Andreini Glider.

US Blanks provided all the foam for the event, and $1,000 was awarded to Reynolds in a closely judged final. Reynolds' name was etched into the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Mike Marshall perpetual trophy.

The 2018 Boardroom International Surfboard Show also witnessed a Douglas Surf Products demo with 12 boards laminated on-site, and the selling of 74 rare and unique surfboards at the California Gold Surf Auction.

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