"Triptych" surf adventures in film mode

November 27, 2012 | Surfing
Triptych: surfing in Oceania, Pacific Northwest and in Arabian Sea

"Triptych" is the debut surf movie by Michael Kew. Follow eight great surfers on their journey across Oceania, the Pacific Northwest and the Arabian Sea.

It is always a challenge to complete your first surf film project. Michael Kew decided not to go through the easiest path and delivered a untypical film.

"Triptych" captures great surfing moments by Craig Anderson, Ryan Burch, Brendon Gibbens, Trevor Gordon, Daniel Jones, Chadd Konig, Nico Manos, and Patrick Millin.

When eight surfers are gathered in three remote zones, the chances of watching a surf movie that will make you want to surf are really high.

"The film has been received very well thus far. Viewers enjoy it because it is not your typical surf movie. I filmed, edited, and produced the whole thing. The score is one 39-minute-long custom song by my good friend Johnny McCann", explains Michael Kew.

From the blue barrels of Oceania to the frozen waves of Alaska and the sandy peaks of Arabia, meet the "Triptych" way of life.

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