Tropical surf hits the Cabo Mongo Eco Surf

August 12, 2011 | Surfing
Rene Gough: vertical boy

Angel Compres and Rene Gough have won the Cabo Mongo Eco Surf, in the Dominican Republic. The fifth national surf competition of the 2011 season was held under tropical sun and graced with strong and high waves due to the residual effects of Tropical Storm Emily.

The three-day event got underway at Mosquea beach, located across Laguna de Oviedo and accessible only by boat, which added to the weekend adventure.

Nearly 70 surfers from different regions of the country, including Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Rio San Juan, Las Terrenas, Bahoruco, Boca Chica and Santo Domingo enthusiastically participated in the competition and enjoyed a Surfari Surf Camp weekend, put up by the Dominican Surfing Federation to promote the beauty and importance of the national parks.

"We are pleased to support this initiative of the Dominican Surfing Federation, and welcome this activity here yearly, with the ongoing support of the Ministry of Environment and the Dominican Olympic Committee", said Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, Minister of the Environment.

The long coastline surrounding Jaragua National Park has favorable conditions for the sport of surfing, with a variety of sandy bottoms, reefs and outer reef point breaks. The peninsula has great consistency year round, receiving waves from the Northeast, East, and Southeast.

The tranquility, remoteness and natural beauty of the area, combined with the availability of satellite prognosis and prediction of movement of the waves and wind offer much incentive for discovery and adventure.

Cabo Mongo Eco Surf 2011 | Results

Open Surf
1    Angel Compres, Cabarete   
2    Anderson ‘Cabo’ Hernández, Puerto Plata   
3    Eduar ‘Papito’ Santana, Cabarete   
4    Derek Gomez, Rio San Juan

Open Longboard
1    Rene Gough, Boca Chica   
2    Angel Compres, Cabarete   
3    Eduardo Lara, Cabarete   
4    Marcos Saint Hilaire, Santo Domingo

Female Open Surf
1    Nairobi Rosario, Sosua   
2    Sandrine Bienfait, Las Terrenas   
3    Leslie Padrewieve, Las Terrenas   

Junior Surfing, (Under 18)
1    Daniel Santana, Cabarete   
2    Derek Gómez, Rio San Juan   
3    Alex Encarnación, Las Terrenas   
4    Carlos Rodríguez, Río San Juan   

Mini-Junior Surfing, (Under 14)
1    Esteban Castillo, Boca Chica   
2    José fdo. Martínez, Cabarete   
3    Braulio Brito Ortiz, Boca Chica   
4    Edwin Felix Medina, Barahona   

Open Bodyboard
1    Pascual Silverio, Sosua   
2    Julfrien Sims, Puerto Plata   
3    Neo Martínez, Sosua   
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