Ty Watson claims the Red Bull Junior Surf Masters at Werri Beach

July 11, 2009 | Surfing

Ty Watson

Ty Watson (Currarong, NSW) blew the competition to pieces today at Werri Beach claiming the Red Bull Junior Surf Masters qualifier in style.

After a boom inaugural year in 2008, the Red Bull Junior Surf Masters returned to Werri Beach with an all-star cast, great prizes and possible qualification to the Red Bull Junior Surf Masters Trials to be held in Cronulla next month.

Greeted with excellent conditions the motley crew of young upstarts tore apart the shifting peaks with poise, power and style.

Led by the outstanding performances of Watson the level of surfing on show was of the highest order as the final was a window into the future of Australia’s next champions.

Defeating Perth Standlick (Bondi, NSW),  brother Jordi and Brett Burcher (Ulladulla, NSW), who finished second, third and fourth respectively, the final heat was as memorable as they come – with four scores in the excellent range; three of which were Watson’s.

“It’s a really pleasing result today,” Watson said, beaming after his impressive victory.

Racking up an amazing total of 17.43 (out of a possible 20), including an 8.33 and a 9.10 (out a possible 10), Watson held off a valiant effort from Standlick, who had won the NSW Open Surfmasters Titles at the same beach only a week previous.

“It was a really sea-sawing affair between Perth and myself,” Watson admitted. "And then all of a sudden Jordi was in contention as well, so that really pushed me to get that final high score.”

When asked if the sibling rivalry burns strong amongst the two, Watson agreed wholeheartedly.

“It’s what pushes my surfing to the next level,” he admitted wryly. “He hasn’t beaten me yet, but I’m sure that day will come – I’m just stoked today was mine.”

Having finished third  at the NSW Open Surfmasters Titles a week ago, Watson is taking some excellent results and much needed confidence into the next leg of the ASP Australasian Pro Junior Series.

“I’m feeling fit and really confident at the moment,” Watson said.

“My boards are going well and I’m really looking forward to getting down to South Australia and Indonesia for the next few events.”

After three exciting Red Bull Junior Surf Masters qualifying rounds stretching along the NSW coast, attention now turns to QLD where the Sunshine Coast’s best juniors will congregate for surfing glory.


1st - Ty Watson (Currarong, NSW) - 17.43pts
2nd - Perth Standlick (Bondi, NSW) - 14.47pts
3rd - Jordi Watson (Currarong, NSW) - 13.13pts
4th - Brett Burcher (Ulladulla, NSW) - 7.70pts

Red Bull Junior Surf Masters Event Schedule

Event #1 - 20 June 2009 – Curl Curl Beach
Event #2 – 27 June 2009 – Newcastle
Event #3 - 11 July 2009 – Werri Beach
Event #4 – 22 August 2009 – Bondi Beach

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