Tyler Wright: what's that pool doing here?

Tyler Wright was washed over the rocks at Alley Reef, while competing at the 2015 Australian Boardriders Battle, in Cronulla.

The 2014 ASP vice world champion was surfing in a punchy three-to-four foot swell with a punishing shore break, when a left-hander took her to a rocky and tricky section.

Wright went through the chain-link fence of the beach's ocean pool. As she attempted to get her board, she was forced to jump from the pool wall back into the surf, only to be washed back over the chain and into the pool again.

Her brother and fellow World Surf League competitor Owen was first to reach and comfort his sister. Wright was treated by the event medical team and taken to hospital in a stable condition for precautionary tests.

"For all those who have wished me well, love and a fast recovery, thank you. It seems to be working. I've been cleared of all spinal and nerve damage. Love to all the boys that helped me yesterday, understanding how hurt I was and not listening to me when I said I was fine. Haha!" expressed Tyler.

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