Urbnsurf Sydney opens in 2019 at the Olympic Park

January 11, 2018 | Surfing
Urbnsurf Sydney: coming to the Olympic Parl by summer 2019 | Photo: Urbnsurf

Australia's first public wave pool will open at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Urbnsurf announced that the company's application has been approved by the New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment.

As a result, the most populous city in Australia will debut the country's first artificial wave park in summer 2019.

Urbnsurf Sydney will showcase a next-generation surf pool capable of delivering up to 1,000 surfing waves every hour to help Sydney residents and visitors surf more often and out of shark-infested waters.

"Surfing has a deep part our cultural heritage now, and a lot of people surf. But we're always beholden to Mother Nature. Whereas what we can now provide is perfect conditions," said Andrew Ross, founder of Urbnsurf.

Equipped with the latest Wavegarden technology, Urbnsurf Sydney hopes to become the training ground for the Australian surfing team to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Sydney's first man-made wave structure will feature a beach club, bar, restaurant, shops, café, a skate ramp and a climbing wall. According to the project, the surf pool will occupy an area currently used as a parking lot.

The $24-million, 3.2-hectare surf pool will be able to accommodate 84 surfers per hour and expects to attract 350,000 visitors per year. The lagoon will produce gentle surf for beginners and high-performance waves for advanced riders.

Urbnsurf wants to build a total of ten surf pools across Australian until 2027.