"Urchin Howl" is an Instagram surf collage

September 3, 2013 | Surfing
Urchin Howl: a film for Instagram

"Urchin Howl" is the first ever surf film made for Instagram. The seven daily episodes of 15 seconds are a Chris McClean idea.

Rolling out seven short webisodes of 15 second for an entire week. Award-winning British filmmaker Chris McClean is taking surf movies to a whole new level. It's collage time.

"Urchin Howl" seems too easy, but it isn't. Showcasing North Sea barrels, grinding Irish point breaks, hollow Central American beaches and gnarly Scottish Slabs, the artwork calls the most influential surfers in Europe.

Kepa Acero, Fergal Smith, Freddie Meadows, Sandy Kerr, Eneko Acero, Gabe Davies, Nic Von Rupp and Reubyn Ash will have their frames reaching thousands of surf fans, in Instagram.

"I like the idea of presenting surf films through a variety of formats, from the live cinematic experience with an audience, to the challenge of short format digital bytes". explains Chris.

"It was an idea I was thinking would work with a series of teasers for various projects, but ended up really liking how it looked. I threw the idea to CJ Mirra, he came back with the killer track that worked well with the choppy quirky style, so we ran with it", he adds.

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