US Coast Guard rescues surfer in Alaska

December 15, 2011 | Surfing
Scott Jones: Hollywood style surfing

A surfer from Eagle River was rescued by the US Coast Guard, on a cliff near Fossil Beach, Kodiak Island. A Jayhawk helicopter surfer hoisted him from a 200-foot cliff in a Hollywood-type action moment.

Scott Jones was caught in the middle of a deadly formula. Wind, current and tide were against the Alaska surfer who has been surfing Kodiak for about a dozen years without a problem.

"I started paddling against the rip and realized there was no way I was going to get out of this. That's when the gale force winds picked up," Jones said after the entire accident. He tried to paddle out and around the point but sea conditions were brutal. "I was getting slammed by head-high waves," he added.

"It felt like all the bad things that could happen, happened at once. I've been surfing there for about 13 years. I've surfed bigger waves and worse conditions. It was just a combination of things."

Scott Jones was stuck and understood that he had to wait for the low tide or for the USA Coast Guard rescue. A nearby cave was the final option where he heard the sound of the rescue helicopter.

The Kodiak Island is spot surfed by 50-to-100 surfers, every year. "Jonesey" won't forget this day.

Watch the rescue video.