Endless Surf: the wave pool technology by WhiteWater | Photo: Endless Surf

WhiteWater announced the construction of a massive heart-shaped wave pool in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The Canadian company based in Richmond, British Columbia, partnered with Surf the Wave Vietnam to build a 200-meter-wide artificial wave pool in a new area dubbed Vietnam's Silicon Valley.

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam, with a population of around ten million.

The country is changing, and recent years have seen rapid growth of tourism infrastructure and significant real estate expansion.

Foreign investors have recognized the potential of this culture-rich, tropical destination and are supporting the government's economic development plan for a new administrative region.

The area located east of Ho Chi Minh City is emerging, spanning districts 2-9 and Thu Duc.

A major part of Vietnam's economic ambition aims to develop a brand new hub for technological industry and innovation near the Thu Duc district, a well-established research and learning center.

The authorities are investing $12 billion in infrastructure and commercial developments to support the growth of this new administrative region.

Surf the Wave Vietnam: the massive water sports center will be located east of Ho Chi Minh City | Illustration: Endless Surf

Surfing as an Economic Hub

The future urban will be responsible for 30 percent of Ho Chi Minh's economic growth and five percent of the entire nation's.

A new financial district is also being planned for the area.

However, high-tech, knowledge-based economies need young and talented professionals who feel comfortable and happy in their living spaces.

As a result, residential and leisure facilities and world-class transport systems are critical variables.

Surf the Wave Vietnam will be the anchor amenity to attract a highly skilled workforce.

WhiteWater will install its Endless Surf technology to create a huge wave pool and beach area that mimics a natural world-class surf break.

The facility will feature small lagoons for SUPs and kayaks, a FlowRider Triple standing wave system, and the grand surf pool pumping waves for experts and beginners simultaneously in different zones.

"Vietnam will have its first wave pool, allowing ten million people access to perfect man-made waves," notes Tony Bulcraig, CEO of Surf the Wave.

"The project is an example of how surf can work as an anchor to attract mixed-use real estate investments. Our technology is designed for high capacity and allows the customer to program waves," adds Paul Chutter, co-founder of Endless Surf.

WhiteWater will also build La Vague Grand Paris, a €250 million wave pool that is expected to open in Summer 2023 in France, one year before the Olympics.

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