Virginia will debut first Point Break Surf Park

January 8, 2013 | Surfing
Point Break Surf Park: artificial wave fever

The Point Break Wave Company will be opening their first surf park in Hanover, Virginia, between Spring and Summer 2013. The artificial wave firm has bought new patent rights for several world regions.

The surf installment will consist of a large surf pool and a small training surf pool. The smaller surf pool will be enclosed in the Winter months, from November through March. The main surf pool will not be used in the winter months and will be covered.

"These surf parks will be the new frontier of extreme sports. We hope to have one of our surf parks in every state in the USA some day and many places around the world", explains David Evans, the manager of Point Break Surf Park.

The Point Break Wave Company believes they can setup a brand new surf pool for one million dollars, while "most current wave companies will charge you in the range of 6-8 million dollars just for the wave generation system and surf pool".

"Some park concepts are running in the 20-75 million dollar ranges. We are seeing these concept parks start out with great intentions and die on the vine because the developers realize they can't get the financing with that size of a project", adds David Evans.

The surf pool firm wants to have these surf parks about every 75-100 miles, from each other around the United States. The project has also bought patent rights to sheet flow technology.

The "Wave Box" is a surf pool technology that can barrel and double barrel, and be installed on cruise ships, water parks, amusement parks, restaurant and bars, resorts, sports parks, etc.

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