Virtual Surfing: the new surfing game features realistic waves

"Virtual Surfing," the world's first video game featuring realistic waves, launches December 21, 2018.

The surfing game developed by Waveor is hitting the market as an "early access game" via Steam, a digital distribution platform for purchasing and playing video games.

This means that "Virtual Surfing" is not yet complete and may - or may not - change further.

"Some levels have been completed and are ready to be played. But we need to fine-tune some of them, and all feedback that we can get from the community will only make it better and improve its realism," explains Vincent Galioit, CEO of Waveor.

The German video game company believes that the new digital surfing game will be completely finished in the next three to nine months.

The final product will have more playable levels, fewer bugs, better physics, additional challenges, multiplayer options, and online competitions.

Hopefully, developers will improve the crashing of the waves, the spray generated by the surfboard, and the surfer physics, and diminish the arcade feel that, for instance, made "Surf World Series" a let-down.

Virtual Surfing: the surfing game allows you to choose different camera angles

First Windows PC, Later PS4 and Xbox One

For now, players are invited to choose seven characters and customize different hairstyles and swimwear. They will be able to surf three unique spots with multiple wave and weather conditions.

"I think it is a super realistic surfing simulation with stunning graphics."

"The flexible camera options will allow players to watch the beautiful breaking waves from inside and outside and from every possible angle," adds Galioit.

"Virtual Surfing" is all about surfing medium and big-sized waves to their maximum potential by carving, getting barreled, and landing huge air moves. You will even hit and feel the bumps in the water.

But you can also paddle around, explore the area, and enjoy the local scenery.

The surfing games use Quantum Engine, a technology developed by Waveor that delivers real-time rendering and simulation of breaking waves, providing realistic lightning, real-time foam generation, and advanced water splash effects.

Initially, "Virtual Surfing" will be available for Windows PC users only. Later, the game will be ported to PS4 and Xbox One. The kick-off price at the early access stage will be half the price of the final release.

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