Virtual Surfing: the ultra-realistic 3D game features stunning graphics | Photo: Waveor

"Virtual Surfing," the surfing video game featuring ultra-realistic 3D breaking waves, has been revamped and improved.

Approximately one year after releasing the early beta version on the video game digital distribution service - Steam - the software game developers announced a major update.

German company Waveor gave its realistic sports simulation "Virtual Surfing" a completely overhauled gameplay.

The PC game now has a career mode and more levels for players to enjoy.

Waveor made several physical improvements and fixed a few bugs reported by the gaming community.

The realistic surf simulation offers a uniquely immersive experience thanks to the three possible camera options and angles and the overwhelming water graphics.

"Virtual Surfing" uses a complex digital wave riding formula - named Quantum Engine - to deliver ultra-realistic lighting, real-time foam generation, and water splash effects.

Virtual Surfing: the PC game allows you to get barreled and perform a broad range of maneuvers | Photo: Waveor

New Surf Breaks

Players can now perform a broad range of maneuvers across seven world-class surf spots located in Indonesia, Scotland, Chile, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, and Tahiti.

The last five surf breaks can only be unlocked after successfully completing a few challenges and tournaments.

"Virtual Surfing" has improved dramatically.

With its near-perfect physics simulations and highly entertaining interactive graphics, it might become one of the best surfing games ever released.

Players are also greeted by changing weather conditions and will have to get barreled for a few seconds to complete the challenges on offer.

Although these obstacles affect the course of the game, it is possible to freely choose, change, and skip the planned challenges.

Virtual Surfing: players can perform airs, cutbacks, and get barreled | Photo: Waveor

The Gameplay

The game's goal is to unlock all surf spots and be crowned champion.

"We have changed the gameplay a lot, especially when comparing to the original version. The community gave us great support and shared useful ideas and tips as well," Vincent Galioit, CEO of Waveor, tells

Fans of "Virtual Surfing" can now understand why they had to wait a long time for the update.

"We took our time for the update because releasing several smaller updates didn't seem to be sustainable regarding the development process."

"There is now a structured career mode which demands a lot of decisions from the player and thus ensures variety and fun," concludes Galioit.

Ready for a "Virtual Surfing" gaming experience?

The new release features night surfing, stunning watercolors, beautiful sunsets, full aerial rotations, and backflips.

Waveor is a company that specializes in real-time animation of water surfaces. It was founded in 2015 by Vincent Galioit and Waltraud Mühlbauer in Regensburg, Germany.

Galioit is a passionate surfer himself, and as a physicist, he built the Quantum Engine, which Waveor uses to develop the PC game.

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