Wade Goodall's ancient twin-fin pays off at Salt Creek

September 13, 2012 | Surfing
Wade Goodall: retro surfing style

Wade Goodall has claimed the pro division at the 13th Cosmic Creek Retro Surf Festival, in Salt Creek.

The Australian rode an ancient Local Motion twin-fin surfboard down the face of a turquoise green wave and right into a beautiful little barrel to trigger the huge crowd on the shoreline. The board was shaped before he was born.

Wade Goodall was stoked to try out the vintage equipment and match it with his modern take on classic moves. "Cosmic Creek was real fun," said Woodall. "Riding all those old boards was a treat and to surf a heat with Tom Curren, Christian Fletcher and Jeff Booth was really epic. Rad day!"

Cosmic Creek is far more than a surf contest, it's a colorful festival held in tribute to the 1970s and early 1980s - surf culture's lost era of creativity where transitional, eccentric surf craft made a crucial statement and laid a foundation for the growth of the sport and industry.

In the 13 years since its creation, Cosmic Creek has become an annual tradition for upcoming locals, mythic legends, worthy charities and the local community.

Maybe it was the fun two-to-four-foot combo swell, or maybe it was watching the surfing of three-time world champion Tom Curren on a vintage board, or perhaps the chance to paint a giant mural with your kids on the beach - this year's Cosmic Creek had it all.

Where else in the world might you see Christian Fletcher on a rare Rory Russell StarBolt in the same heat as Tyler Warren on a six channel Pipedreams? Or 70s pro legends Paul Naude and Peter Townend doing battle on well-preserved Carl Hayward Rocket Fishes?

It's a history lesson about boards and stories that were rarely heard outside our inner circle, to let kids ride groovy boards older than they are and gather the tribes young and old to swap ideas about eclectic surf craft.

Cosmic Creek is the Woodstock of surf events and this year's was dedicated to Terry Martin, Randy Sleigh and Phillip Hoffmann, three pioneers, shapers, watermen and great people recently lost by the surfing community.

Cosmic Creek 2012 | Final Results

1. Wade Goodall
2. Courtney Conologue
3. Tom Curren
4. David Giddings

1. Paul Naude
2. Mike Savage
3. John McFearson
4. Gary Linden
5. Hughie