Wave riding photos awarded at the Red Bull Illume 2016

October 10, 2016 | Surfing
Ken MacDonald: he embarked on 15-hour train hop through the Sahara desert | Photo: Jody MacDonald

Surfer Ken MacDonald and bodyboarder Renan Faccini are featured in two of the eleven winning photos of the Red Bull Illume 2016.

The action sports photography contest awarded Luke Shadbolt with the best "Energy" shot of the year. The Australian photographer captured Renan Faccini celebrating the power of the ocean in Jaotinga Beach, near Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

"I didn't notice Renan in the shot until afterward. It's got a kind of duality to the meaning; it could be seen as a salute to the power and randomness of the ocean, or it could be seen as a mocking attempt at some kind of manipulated sorcery, showing man's unending quest to control nature," explained Luke Shadbolt.

Renan Faccini: celebrating the power of the ocean | Photo: Luke Shadbolt

In the "Lifestyle" category, Red Bull Illume chose a shot from a Canadian photographer. Jody MacDonald shot her brother Ken in a risky 15-hour train hop through the Sahara desert from Zouérat to Nouadhibou, in Mauritania.

"The three-kilometer train transports approximately 84 tons of iron ore across a country crippled by terrorism, slavery, and poverty. We wanted to get to the coast to try to find some unexplored surf breaks and capture the spirit of adventure and exploration through this incredible landscape," underlined MacDonald.

The overall winner of the Red Bull Illume 2016 was Lorenz Holder, the German photographer who captured pro BMX rider Senad Grosic performing a front wheel trick on a bridge.

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