"Wave Warriors VI" return to the surf movie box office

February 8, 2012 | Surfing
Wave Warriors: don't mess with these guys in the line-up

"Wave Warriors VI" will be released on the 21st December 2012. The iconic "Wave Warriors" series directed by Herbie Fletcher were a huge success in the 1980's and are preparing a great comeback.

Legendary surfers like Gary Elkerton, Tom Curren, Martin Potter, Christian Fletcher and Derek Ho are only a few names that made "Wave Warriors" an historic document of old shool surfing.

The "Wave Warriors VI" surf movie took years in the making and promises never-before-seen raw footage combined with an insane character-driven soundtrack and the best surfers on the planet.

Recently, Herbie Fletcher called all past and present generations of surfers to a special gathering. It was time to announce that "Wave Warriors VI" was moving.

"Not only was this photo shoot a homage to the original iconic photo we took back in 1985, but it was also a kind of stamp of declaration that the filming for a new Wave Warriors film was going into production after several decades of hibernation", explains Herbie Fletcher.

One promise is in the air. "This movie is gonna make grown men cry and punch themselves in the neck from sheer awe". Remember what were the "Wave Warriors" series by taking a look at the strange haircuts and surfboards of "Wave Warriors III".

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