Wavegarden: the company has ambitious plans to take over the wave pool industry | Photo: Wavegarden

Wavegarden announced plans to build 30 wave pool projects across five continents.

The Spanish company has already opened four commercial surfing facilities and has another four set to open in 2020/2021.

The structures will be located in Siheung (South Korea), Valais (Switzerland), Praia da Grama, and Garopaba (Brazil).

At Wavegarden's private test center in northern Spain, the in-house development team continues to expand, now comprising 60 full-time staff.

They're all specialists in their respective fields of fluid dynamics, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, software development, water treatment, architecture, business development, and operations.

In response to increasing market demand for the groundbreaking Wavegarden Cove technology, the founders continue working on ambitious expansion plans.

"In recent years, we have mastered all aspects of our technology, including an innovative water treatment system," explains Josema Odriozola, founder and CEO of Wavegarden.

"We have also expanded our business development services to provide clients with a seamless experience from project concept to opening and beyond."

"Today, we can go one step further by providing expert assistance across all aspects of commercial operations."

The Wave Bristol: a wave pool powered by Wavegarden | Photo: Wavegarden

Leading the Wave Pool Industry

The company believes that the range of characteristics makes the patented Wavegarden Cove technology different from other wave-generating systems popping up in the fast-growing sector of man-made surf parks.

First and foremost, the technology is proven to work.

Years of meticulous testing and refinement at the demo center, which has already created almost 5 million waves, have ensured that commercial lagoons around the planet run seamlessly.

Additionally, economic and environmental sustainability are leading factors.

The mechanical system employed by Wavegarden Cove consumes less than 1 Khw per wave - very little energy is lost in the transmission of forces, and even part of the power is recovered and reused.

Odriozola says that comparability studies reveal that Wavegarden's technology uses ten times less energy than other pneumatic wave generation systems today.

Based on average electricity prices, this can translate into savings of more than one million euros per year.

Since opening in January, UrbnSurf Melbourne has received 65,000 visitors, collectively catching a total of 3.6 million rides.

On any given day of the week, some of the world's top pros, passionate amateurs, and complete newcomers to the sport have been seen riding waves just minutes away from Melbourne's airport.

A full-scale facility like UrbnSurf can simultaneously host over 80 surfers, with each surfer catching between 10-15 waves per session.

Urbnsurf Melbourne: the wave pool features 46 modules and offers rides around 16 seconds long | Photo: Wavegarden

Noise-Free Wave Pool Technology

The Wavegarden Cove delivers a variety of long, open-faced turn waves and fast-peeling barrels for experienced surfers.

The waves can range from 50 centimeters to nearly two meters high and break right and left depending on which side of the central pier you are on - a facet that allows surfers to hone both their forehand and backhand skills.

However, for intermediates, the machinery can be dialed down with the push of a button to produce softer waves with less power.

"We can create an infinite variety of waves," adds Odriozola.

"The user-friendly software is highly flexible and allows the operators to customize the waves according to the level of surfers in the water."

"Surfing is one of the most exciting sports. However, the amount of fun depends upon providing the right waves for each surfer."

Wavegarden's noise-free wave-generating technology can generate between 300-1,000 waves per hour, depending on the wave setting and operational requirements.

The machinery is capable of running in non-stop mode or can produce sets of waves of almost any desired quantity.

This high frequency of waves ensures plenty of quality waves for everyone without the need to compete with fellow surfers.

The size of a standard Wavegarden Cove commercial facility measures two hectares.

However, the footprint is fully customizable for all types of projects, including stand-alone projects, mixed-use schemes, surf resorts, private residential developments, hotels, and commercial centers.

The machinery is modular, and the length of waves depends on the number of modules installed.

A standard-sized facility like UrbnSurf Melbourne has 46 modules and offers rides around 16 seconds long, comparable to some of the best surf spots in the world.

The new facility being constructed in Siheung, South Korea - and scheduled to open in September 2020 - will have 56 modules.

Large-scale facilities are ideal if the space is available. However, it is also possible to create high-quality waves with fewer modules.

The Wave Bristol has 40 modules and delivers world-class waves.

The Wavegarden Cove demo center has 28 modules and has been widely acclaimed by elite professionals.

A Bright Future

To keep the water crystal clear and hygienically safe, each Wavegarden Cove is supplied with its own state-of-the-art water treatment system.

Developed in-house, the system is based on a series of sustainable treatments, including fine filtration, ozone and UV disinfection, and low chemical chlorination.

Wavegarden's business development team comprises the most experienced leaders in the surf park, tourism, and leisure industry and delivers the most comprehensive and in-depth information.

This also includes guidance on site selection, financial viability, and permitting - all necessary for establishing a viable project.

As a new modern center for aquatic sports, Wavegarden Cove delivers a wide array of positive health and social community benefits while also creating employment, attracting tourism, and increasing the value of the nearby real estate.

And as an Olympic sport, surfing is positioned to grow exponentially at an unparalleled rate across the world.

National teams that have access to Wavegarden Cove hope to have a distinct advantage.

Amid a period when enterprises are subject to numerous new pressures, Josema Odriozola shares a positive outlook.

"Despite everything, our team is working hard to continually improve our systems' performance, and we remain excited and confident about the future," concludes the CEO of Wavegarden.

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