Surfland Brasil: the first Wavegarden Cove wave pool in South America

Surfland Brasil, a new resort concept in Garopaba, will feature a Wavegarden Cove at the core of the development.

The destination being created by real estate developer Giesta Enterprises has "condominium fractions" now on sale.

"Surfland Brasil is a resort, a condominium, a hotel, a surf park, and much more," said André Giesta, a partner at Surfland Brasil and founder of Giesta Enterprises.

Surfland Brasil intends to be a paradise for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to spend their vacations in one of the most alluring surf destinations in the world.

In addition to the surfing lagoon, it will feature a skatepark designed by Pedro Barros, swimming pools, tennis courts, beach tennis, surf museum, restaurants, jogging track, gym, yoga, meditation space, spa, and play areas for children: lots of different activities for all ages and interests.

The entire site has been carefully designed to make the least possible impact on the environment, integrating green roofs, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and native flora into the infrastructure.

"We will create hundreds of jobs, valuing the local workforce," explained Luciano Faraco, Surfland Brasil's commercial director.

"We are innovative in the format and commercialization of the product, which is based on a fractional ownership system, or shared economy, a trend that has come to stay. Not dissimilar to Airbnb, Uber, and Bike Share, estate owners at Surfland Brazil share their assets and divide their costs, so everyone wins," added Faraco.

Surfland Brasil: the wave pool will be built in Garopaba | Photo: Wavegarden

Medina Approves It

Two-time world champion Gabriel Medina is one of several elite Brazilian surfers endorsing the project.

The surfing prodigy tested out the Wavegarden Cove at the demo center in Spain several years ago and recently accepted the position as lead ambassador of the project.

"It is very cool that Surfland Brasil is actually happening, and soon we will have a Wavegarden Cove here for us Brazilians," said Medina, excited about surfing endless waves.

"It offers perfect waves that allow you to perform all sorts of maneuvers."

Garopaba, a surf town on the south coast of Santa Catarina blessed with beautiful beaches and great weather, is poised to become even more alluring with the addition of the perfect waves of the Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon.

This is the second announcement in the past month by a real estate developer placing the Wavegarden Cove at the heart of their business.

"We are designing a new resort business model that combines technology, entertainment, and quality of life," explained André Giesta.

"The Wavegarden Cove is the perfect feature for property developments of this nature," explained Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden's founder and CEO.

"People love to surf and, at places like Surfland Brasil, they can stay in their own apartment and enjoy guaranteed waves with their family and friends in a natural and safe environment."

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