Wavegarden prepares artificial head-high surfing waves

September 18, 2011 | Surfing
Wavegarden: waves only end if power is switched off

Excitement grows as the artificial wave gurus at Wavegarden prepare to unveil the second version of their surf pool.

The authors of the man-made wave that simulates an ocean break are fine tuning their second prototype, which will feature perfect head-high waves that can be installed anywhere: a lake, a plain or plateau, a country house or top of a city skyscraper.

Wavegarden, a project run by Josema Odriozola and Karin Frisch in Zarautz, Spain, promises to show the updated model in early 2012.

The artificial surfing entrepreneurs admit they have contacted and visited by several potential clients, which means there are possibly future installations in a few countries.

A bridge between Wavegarden and local governments and private organizations that wish to expand upon their recreational amenities is one of the crucial keys to get the first series pumping waves anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, Wavegarden invited Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina for a heat at the surfing wave pool facility, during the lay-days observed in the 2011 San Miguel Pro Zarautz.

Watch the Brazilians riding waves at Wavegarden.

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