Wavejet: boost your paddling

Tired of paddling and fighting against the white water walls. The Wavejet might be for you. Meet the new motor-powered surfboard, which is only 13 pounds heavier than a traditional surfboard.

Surfers can easily opt to turn the motor on or off by using a remote strapped to their arm in a wristwatch-like device.

Wavejet can be recharged through a standard wall socket. There's no gasoline or diesel involved.

Technology has been changing surfing, and this personal water propulsion (PWP) engine was designed for use in a wide range of personal watercraft, from SUP to surfboards.

Wavejet can be up in a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes.

The inventors say this surfing device is capable of "paddling" three times faster than your own arms.

It is safe, quiet, and light and can even be used in shallow waters. It's all about having more time to ride waves.

Is Wavejet the surfboard of the future? The device is already being tested by surfers, but only time will tell.

The device can transport you in between 8-10 knots. The wireless controller is easy to use, and this might be a good option for lifeguards, too.

So if you're looking for that little extra boost to catch a wave or if your arms have given up, ask for the Wavejet in a surf shop near you.

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