Wavy Ocean: surf earplugs developed by a Dutch audio engineer | Photo: Wavy Ocean

The surf earplug market is a very competitive arena with multiple types of protection for every budget.

Wavy Ocean is one of the latest additions to the long list of earplugs for surfers. And what a good surprise it is.

The more we surf, the more we know about the impact of the elements on the wave riders' health.

Surfer's ear - scientifically known as exostosis - is one of the most common conditions affecting those who spend hundreds of hours per year in the ocean, especially in cool and cold air and water temperatures.

It is the result of repeated exposure to cold wind and water and causes bony growth to develop within the ear.

Eventually, you may have more bone in your ear than the actual canal.

When left untreated, surfer's ear can cause severe problems, from muffled hearing through to total deafness.

There is only one way to prevent a very unpleasant surgery to remove bony growths - earplugs.

Wavy Ocean: high-quality earplugs that protect ears against infections caused by water and wind while keeping surrounding audio and communication top-notch | Photo: Wavy Ocean

Designed by an Audio/Music Engineer

The Wavy Ocean earplugs were designed by someone who's got a particular background experience.

Loïc Boisnard, the founder of Wavy Ocean, is an audio engineer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is also a competitive water skier, so he knows the playing field from a multidimensional perspective.

"I started my career working in several music studios, learning about acoustics and what sound is all about," Boisnard tells SurferToday.com.

"I quickly fell in love with audio products, the art of product design, and value brands that take you on a journey."

"The reason I was triggered to start a company in the hearing market is that in my audio/music career and free-time activities, including water sports, I have seen a lot of people damage their hearing while doing what they love the most for example, surfing, kiteboarding, bodyboarding and engaging with other watersports."

"When people are protecting their hearing with traditional universal earplugs, they always must compromise sound, communication, and all-day comfort."

That's why Wavy is a Dutch audiology company specializing in developing high-quality earplugs that protect ears against infections caused by water and wind while keeping surrounding audio and communication top-notch.

During the product and business development phase, Loïc Boisnard attended a startup accelerator program by the Danish high-end consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen.

The entrepreneur's ultimate goal was to create a product for ocean enthusiasts that safely protected what they love without any compromise.

Wavy Ocean: one of the best earplug designs for surfers available in the water sports market | Photo: Wavy Ocean

The Review

The outcome puts Wavy Ocean among the top three surf earplug systems.

The pack features two earplugs (left and right) with natural 16dB attenuation noise filters, six interchangeable silicone ear tips (small, medium, and large), two grip ear sleeves, one safety leash, and a storage pouch.

The first thing you notice when you get your hands on a pair of Wavy Ocean earplugs is the quality of the materials.

Then, surprised by its design, you'll immediately feel how comfortable, smooth, and perfectly shaped they are and adapt to your ear canal.

You won't lose them easily; they fit tight and remain in place even after the inevitable wipeout.

Wave Ocean does keep water, wind, disturbing frequencies, and harmful noise out while letting high-quality sound in.

Its large membrane filter provides an open-air passage to the ear, minimizing the feeling of isolation and the growth of low frequencies (occlusion effect).

This results in a natural and clear perception of sound while lowering sound to a safe listening level.

On top of that, your ears will remain ventilated all the time, and you can also use them comfortably worn with your wetsuit hood on.

Wavy Ocean is available worldwide in surf shops and major sports retailers via leading surf and watersports distributors.

And you can always get these high-end surf earplugs online for €39,95 on wavy-ocean.com.

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