Wax Magazine hits the waves of New York City

July 3, 2012 | Surfing
Wax Magazine: style, culture and surfing

The surfing scene is definitely growing in New York City. The city that never sleeps is preparing to welcome new surf magazine that promises to be more than just another mag for dudes.

"Wax" is a bi-annual print publication exploring the intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around New York City. The project initiated out of a Kickstarter funding and is ready to upgrade the quality of the custom surf magazine. In "Wax", style is almost everything.

"We believe that beauty and meaning can be found on sidewalks, boardwalks, skyscrapers and beaches alike. We’re interested in exploring the rich history of New York surfing, its beaches and residents and in finding a pathway of cultural creativity on and off the break", say David Yun, Zak Klauck and Aeriel Brown in their presentation.

The first issue of "Wax" will be dedicated to "Dialogues in Spring 2012". After having successfully raised its funding goal of $15,000, the publishers promise conversations between artists who surf, side by side with their work.

"In addition to interviews and works by these inspiring artists, we’re also working on profiles of prominent filmmakers and shapers in the surf world", they add.

Learn more about "Wax" at www.readwax.com.

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