Webber Wave Pools promise two-meter high artificial waves

May 18, 2012 | Surfing
Webber Wave Pools: the perfect artificial wave

Webber Wave Pools have unveiled proof of concept of the artificial surfing formula that generates continuously breaking waves around a central island.

Greg Webber, the visionary behind a project that kicked off in 2002, has shared a few photos of the perfect flawless waves on the official Facebook page. Webber Wave Pools released three common configurations that may be used in the first commercial license of the Australian surf park idea.

The first one is a 75-meter wave pool which accommodates six one-meter high waves. The second option is a 100-meter wave pool that may pump either four two-meter high waves, six 1.25-meter rides or ten one-meter wave faces.

Finally, Greg Webber plans a 200-meter surf pool which is capable of delivering ten two-meter high waves. This is the jewel of the crown of the Webber Wave Pools concept.

The first public artificial wave pool was planned to open during Spring 2012, by Wavegarden, in the Basque Country, Spain. The Spanish wave center will, however, allow limited public access and will also be a business showroom of the Wavegarden technology.

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