Webber Wave Pools will imitate natural swell

July 16, 2014 | Surfing
Webber Wave Pools: a software will imitate Nature

Webber Wave Pools has released new details on the upcoming artificial wave pool to be opened in Queensland by September 2015.

The company founded by Greg Webber published a video titled "Looped Linear," in which we understand the whole behavior of the wave and the possibilities for the surfer in each ride.

Unlike the Wavegarden, the Webber concept brings us a circular surf pool with four-wave faces peeling across both channels.

It doesn't seem possible to get on an endless ride, and only right-handers are available, but there are secrets behind that wave.

"We will be able to make the wave angle, wave size, and wave shape change in a similar way as happens in Nature. This new system will also allow us to create waves of different sizes in the same pool at the same time," underlines Greg Webber.

"When linked to the profile of each patron by their RFID wristband, the software driving the new drive system will immediately adjust the ratio of the wave sizes to match the changes in demand during the day. There would no longer be a need for session times."

Apparently, Webber Wave Pools is modifying its existing drive system to allow for more control over the hull speed, draft, and trim angle.

In March 2014, Webber Wave Pools signed a memorandum of understanding with surfer-entrepreneur David Baird for the construction of the first artificial wave pool in Southeast Queensland.

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