John John Florence: mesmerized by his favorite kind of wave

Sandbars are temporary sensitive structures. But they can truly transform the landscape and the behavior of near-shore waves. Just ask inquisitive surfers.

John John Florence has never quite been the regular surfing professional who focuses 100 percent of his time on competition and winning heats.

His interests and hobbies go beyond contests, daily training routines, strict diets, and high-performance sports.

Florence is curious by nature - he's a filmmaker, an adventurer, and a sailor who is often seen on the indie and experimental side of wave riding as a full-time occupation.

So, unsurprisingly, the Hawaiian unveiled another gem that got in his way. It's not boardshorts, a magical surfboard, or another rocket science-inspired surf gadget.

It's a wave - a wave that probably no one noticed before. One of those weird waves you never thought could exist.

So, what are we talking about? New, uncharted waves in the post-Google Earth era? Is that a joke?

The only place in the world that surfers have yet to explore thoroughly is North Korea. Apart from that, all spots have been ridden.

Well, forget misconceived ideas about the finitude of the place we're living in. Life and our little blue planet always have something unexpected for the surfer traveler.

North Shore Slot Machine

The North Shore (NS) Slot Machine - that's how he named it - is a sandbar slab located somewhere in Oahu.

The spot produces an ugly-looking wave that morphs and mutates randomly, sucking water as it forms and allowing occasional rideable barrels.

To test its consistency and fun factor, JJF invited his brother Ivan, Kelly Slater, Kona Jackson, and Kiron Jabour to see who could master these psychedelic drainers.

The unusual surf break transformed into a casino, where prizes were distributed unevenly to those who dared to take the risk.

The NS Slot Machine does not accept wave-reading skills and rational decisions as coins. Instead, it is a game of chance played on the fly.

The funky slab resembles those bodyboarders-only territories where you never know if you're coming out alive of the vortex.

Florence inspires surfers to dig, explore, uncover, and enjoy everything our eyes tell it's impossible and unmakeable.

Shorebreak surfing has just become more exciting. And board-consuming, too.

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