Welsh surfer Tom Padden dies in car accident

January 18, 2011 | Surfing
Anka Point, Morocco: Tom will be missed here | Photo: Adventure Keys

Tom Padden, the 2007 Welsh Junior Surfing champion, has lost his life in a tragic car crash, where only his baby child and grandmother survived.

Logan Padden, just six months old, was pulled from the back seat of the wrecked car. Louise, 23, and grandfather Steve, 54, also passed away in the accident.

The family was returning from a trip to Morocco, when the accident occurred on the M4, in South Wales. The Padden's were only 20 miles from their homes in Porthcawl.

"The whole family had been in Morocco enjoying the surf and the sunshine. Tom was a very fearless and intrepid surfer. Word had already spread that he had ridden the biggest wave on the coast known as Anka Point", says Tom Anderson, chairman of the Welsh Coast Surf Club.

The local surfing community is still recovering from the shock and are ready to help the little Logan and his grandmother.

They were all a family of surfers and water lovers. The authorities are investigating the possibility of black ice being the cause of the car's overturn, due to the low temperatures.