What if Angola had one of the best waves in the world?

September 11, 2013 | Surfing
Angola: great waves, hard rocks

A group of surfers believe to have found one of the most perfect wave for surfing in the world. The spot is located somewhere in Angola.

Surfers are used to several clichés and overused expressions to qualify the quality of a wave, such as "new discovery", "the best wave ever" or "secret spot".

This time, though, it's serious stuff. An undisclosed surf spot in the Angolan coastline is tickling the world surfing community.

Some say it looks like Skeleton Bay, in Namibia, but when you get a triple barrel in the same wave, adrenaline starts flushing in the body.

The following documentary was filmed by Dan Mace, a low budget filmmaker who spent a couple weeks traveling down the coast of Angola.

Now, judge for yourself. Is this a world-class surf break? Should the ASP World Tour schedule an Angolan stop in this fast-growing economy?