Faroe Islands: cold and perfect | Photo: Chris Burkard

Where are the Faroe Islands located on the world map? Do you know the answer? The archipelago of 18 islands is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. And it was perfect uncrowded waves.

Searching and scoring. Finding and riding. The premises of the contemporary surfer are founded on solid, instinctive feelings: must travel, must discover. New waves are natural drugs.

Standing halfway between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are the ultimate surfing destination.

They're remote and cold. The average air temperature is 7 °C (44.6 °F), and there are over 260 rainy days per year.

The remoteness of the Faroe Islands attracted film directors Chris Burkard and Ben Weiland. They knew a place surrounded by Atlantic swells would deliver what they sought.

"Faroes: The Outpost, Vol 2" is the surprising result of a historic journey to the Danish territory. Dane Gudauskas, Justin Quintal, Sam Hammer, and Tyler Warren got a ride on the plane and experienced a remarkable surfing nirvana.

The group spent 15 days surrounded by breathtaking waterfalls, classic Scandinavian cottages, and powerful fjords.

The stars of "Faroes: The Outpost, Vol 2" got their share of tubes and near-frozen wave ramps.

Did the Vikings surf? They should've ridden a few whitewater rollers in their boats.

"Faroes: The Outpost, Vol 2" premieres at the Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival on October 4, 2015.

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