Surf spots: perfection isn't a dream | Photo: Shutterstock

Surf spots - the place where dreams come true. And yes, magnificent surf breaks do exist.

Everyone has their favorite peaks, but sometimes - or maybe often - it's just better somewhere else.

That's why surfers are travelers. They're in constant search for the ultimate wave, the secret spot.

Perfection is the goal; pure joy is the objective. So, what does a surfer need to experience the celebration of his/her sport?

With the right equipment and good company, a wave rider depends on Mother Nature to get the quintessential surfing arena.

Does your surf break tick all the boxes of excellence? Let's see:

A Favorable Wind and Swell Window

A wide swell window - around 180 degrees or more - and reliable offshore winds are sometimes all you need to get world-class waves.

Plenty of Long Rideable Wave Faces

No matter the type of surf spot you're paddling out at - beach break, point break, or reef break - perfect-peeling waves will always be your dancing ground.

A long and smooth oblique wave face that breaks steadily down the line is the opposite of a pounding closeout shore break wave.

Beach: it has everything to do with surfing | Photo: Shutterstock

A Comfortable Paddling Channel

Paddling out and duck diving are not the most pleasant things about surfing. A smart side channel will save you a lot of energy and spare you a few two or three-wave hold-downs.

Consistency All Year Round

There's nothing better than heading to a surf break that constantly delivers above-average, perfect, or world-class conditions throughout the year under sunny skies or torrential rains.

A State-of-the-Art Ocean Bottom

Whether you're surfing on a beach break with shifty sandbars or having fun on a coral reef break, a predictable seabed that helps shape the wave to perfection is mandatory.

A Long Stretch of Beach

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that, when you're exhausted, you will always paddle in toward a sandy beach and a nice coffee house instead of negotiating the exit up a tricky rocky cliff.

Waves: the longer the better | Photo: Shutterstock

Uncrowded Surf Zone

Who wants a perfect wave that is breaking in a war field, where surfers battle all the time for the best rollers? Crowded surf spots are stressful environments where you rarely score.

Warm Air and Water Temperatures

Cold water surfing can be an unforgettable experience, but you can't beat the idea of being in the water with a pair of modern boardshorts and a shirt.

Shark-Free Area

Surfing perfect waves in shark-infested waters is a bit like eating a tasty, gourmet meal in a war theater. It just doesn't match up; it is a dangerous contradiction.

Clean Water

Polluted waters are unhealthy environments and have nothing to do with sports activities and having fun in salt water. Surfing is all about embracing the benefits of seawater and not getting seriously ill.

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