Siberia: believe it or not, it has great waves

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a cold, isolated, and arid region located in the Russian Far East. You could say it's in the middle of nowhere.

It is definitely not the first place you think of when planning the surf trip of your dreams. It rains a lot here, too. And it's not even the best place to surf in Russia.

We're in Siberia. Nevertheless, where there's a coastline, there's hope. At least, from a surfer's perspective. Because, in theory, a beach can always get waves.

And that was precisely what a passionate wave rider from Kamchatka thought of when he saw a few waves breaking in front of his eyes.

"We started surfing here 11 years ago. It's funny, surfing. We didn't know how to catch a wave or when the surf was up.

The tides, the wind - we didn't understand them. We just took the boards and paddled out," explains local legend Anton Morozov.

Anton Morozov: the ultimate Siberian surfer

Morozov: The Siberian Surfer

Morozov is one of the few surfers on the wild shores of Kamchatka, a place where you can still find real, raw Nature.

He lives here, in his trailer, close to the ocean, and runs a surf school he decided to open 11 years ago.

Today, everyone knows him. Anton is part of the environment and the volcanoes covered in snow that surround the bay.

For Morozov, if the air temperature is around 37°F (33°C), everything's perfect. He can actually surf without thick neoprene gloves and a hood. Sometimes, he surfs alone; sometimes, he has the company of sea lions.

"People who come here say: 'Anton, this place is perfect.' I think I am lucky to live here. Surfing changed my life."

Who said Siberia was only known for the World War II prison camps?

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