Where to put your car keys when surfing

Surfing: learn where to put your car keys | Photo: Shutterstock

A classic problem needs a creative solution. And everyone who drives and surfs has already asked the question. What to do with the car keys?

The world is not a safe place, even if you park your car in a busy place that you know for years. Being a local doesn't mean anything to burglars. In the worst case scenario, you can even be robbed by a fellow surfer.

There are a few smart ways to keep your car from getting stolen. If you're a surfer, avoid drawing attention to the surfing equipment. Be fast and discrete putting the wetsuit on, and waxing up your surfboard.

Keeping your car in good shape, showing an alarm sticker, hiding valuable objects, parking in safe areas, and installing an alarm system will also help prevent car thefts.

But, what about the ignition keys? Where should you stash the car keys? From the most to the least secure methods, these are:

1. Get a surf key box: you can easily attach it to different locations on your car, and only a four-digit combination will unlock it;

2. Go surfing with your car key: put your car keys inside a waterproof case, and keep it under your wetsuit;

3. Give the car keys to someone at the beach: is your girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member enjoying the sun? He or she will keep them protected from sand and salted water;

4. Ask a local coffee shop to keep your car keys in a secured place: a loyal customer deserves a special treat. It's a win-win situation;

5. Hide it under a plastic, towel or rock: if the previous options are not valid, take the risk.

Just remember that you should never hide your car keys under the bumper or wheel - thieves know the trick, or they might have spotted you doing it.

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