Mark Richards: Australia surfing icon

Who are the most influential surfers in Australia between 1963 and 2005. Surfing Australia wants your selection.

Surfing Australia is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary and prepares to announce the most relevant surfers in the country over the last five decades.

The judging criteria is simple. "The Australian surfer who through their surfing, and their wider contribution, has had the most profound influence on the national character of Australian surfing".

You are invited to to rank your top 10 nominees from the list of 38 provided consisting of Hall of Fame Inductees and Australian world champions.

You'll also need to add a comment in 50 words or less explaining why you chose your most influential surfer. It is possible to nominate a candidate who is not part of the list.

Voting for the most influential surfers in Australia closes on 31st December 2012.

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