Who is Gabriel Medina?

November 8, 2011 | Surfing
Gabriel Medina: aerials in one-foot waves

Gabriel Medina was born on the 22nd December, 1993, in Maresias, São Paulo, Brazil. He started surfing when he was only eight years old.

His first relevant title was the 6-Star WQS in Florianopolis, when he was only 15. Medina set a new mark as the youngest male winner of an open age pro competition by taking out the Maresia Surf International in Brazil.

Medina says Tom Curren is his favorite old school surfer and his overall pick is Mick Fanning. The Brazilian prodigy loves all aerial moves, but barrels are also a great moment in his flexible surf. Gabriel is a goofy-footer and prefers left-handers.

Medina's favorite wave is Macaronis, in the Mentawai Islands. He loves orange juice, roast beef, beans and rice and has already broken an arm while skateboarding.

His first ASP Tour victory was the Quiksilver Pro France, but he added the Rip Curl Pro San Francisco, in less than a month. The young gun is the founder of the famous Medina Airlines, a brand that is currently producing impossible aerial tricks.

In 2011, also took the SuperSurf Internacional Prime, Airwalk Lacanau Pro Junior, Sooruz Lacanau Pro and the San Miguel Pro Zarautz 2011. The question is quite simple: when will he clinch the first ASP World Tour title?