Who said you can't surf with a flat screen TV?

November 3, 2016 | Surfing
LCD television: the perfect surfboard

Bobby Hasbrook has gone surfing with a 58-inch flat screen TV.

We've already seen Kelly Slater catching waves with tables and doors, and Floridian daredevils hitting the surf with a trampoline, but we had never witnessed anything like this.

It's heavy but, apparently, it floats. And it worked out pretty well in the busy lineup. Hasbrook attached a couple of homemade fins, waxed the screen up, and the four-feet electronic device was ready for its new use.

The surfer from San Clemente, California, paddled out without a problem, and the LCD television proved it has the perfect outline and volume to become the next big thing in contemporary surfboard making.

If you're interested in taking a 58-inch flat screen TV to the surf, we suggest you use a leash. These new models are as heavy as a longboard, and can easily injure someone who gets in the way.

Do you think you've seen it all? No way. There's more surf madness out there.

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